Change has come……..

20 01 2009

r3345853881 REUTERS/Jim Young (UNITED STATES)

A new era begins.  Full of hope and expectations, lighting the way to the other side of the tunnel.  Obstacles will sure face us on the way, but we are hopeful that this new era will breathe freshness and optimism to all our lives.  The doors for a new future that are about to open for many are more than enough of a reason to raise our voices in unison: Yes we Can!!

Congratulations President Obama, and congratulations to us all!




3 responses

20 01 2009

I watched the inauguration in TV3. We expect a lot of this presidency, after the disaster of the Bush Administration.

Obama, don’t let us down!

20 01 2009

Jo també he vist la inaguració… al gimnàs, sentada a una bici!


21 01 2009

Per fi!!!

Aqui hi ha molta expectació a veure que passarà, sobretot després de l’ofensiva d’Israel … has sentit algo d’aquests rumors?

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