Back again…..

15 03 2008

The first trimester of 2008 has nearly gone by without a post. I’ve been busy doing many things. Taking quilting classes and starting new knitting projects which I will share as the weeks go by.

One of the most relevant things so far, was starting out the year attending a Nancy Crow workshop organized by my friend Rosario Casanovas. As always it was a really intense week stretching creative limits, but as important is the fact that I got to share a week long with my friend Inmaculada doing something we both love. I’ve yet to finish the projects I started, but I am hoping I will soon find time to do it. I’ve posted photos in my Flickr page with some of the work done in this workshop.


I’ve several things going. I finished my first pair of socks and went on to knit a second pair for G. (First one ended up being small). I also signed-up for this year’s Socks that Rock, and have started on the first installment. The color is something I wouldn’t particularly pick out myself, but I like it nonetheless. Package number 2 should be on its way now, so I might just have to let it sit while I try and get these done.

This is the picture taken from BarcelonaKnits‘ last Monday´s post. I arrived to the Stitch ‘n Bitch BK with that much done, and left having undone all of it. Talking and knitting sometimes don’t go together, and I skipped about 4 rows. When I realized it, it was hard to go back to where I had gone wrong, and I ended up just unraveling it. I might just change the needle size too. My Lantern Moon’s Sox Stixs broke, and I had to change to longer Clover Bamboo DPNs. Thin and long, are perhaps just too much right now.

I’ve also started on Nancy Bush’s Ene’s Scarf from Scarf Style. I had a bit of a problem starting off, but it is now on it’s way.

I’m using Knitpick needles and the yarn is Helen’s Lace from Lorna’s Laces that I bought last December at All You Need is Love. I am aiming to finish this so that I can take it along to Chicago in a couple of weeks. We’ll see….. I’m flying to Tenerife for Easter weekend to translate at a Jinny Beyer workshop, but I will bring it along. Might have to switch to bamboo circulars if I want to knit on the plane, though!

Well, I´m off for now….. La versión en castellano del post….. queda pendiente…

´Till next time….




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