Knitting has surfaced again!

22 11 2007

My sister Bobbie and I share more than just the fact that we’re siblings. She’s the only other totally craftsy sister out of the four of us. And although she’s tried to start quilting more than once, and that I have tried getting her hooked on dyeing, her “main thing” is knitting, which we get from Mom. So, every time I go back home to spend some time, all of my quilting stuff comes back untouched, but I undoubtedly come back with another started knitting project that remains behind the scenes until the next time I go home.

However, lately I’m starting to feel the urge to do something not patchwork/quilting related, so I’ve decided to pick up on the latest “Vacation UFO”. That is, a blanket I started last year for Xmas and which hopefully I will finish before the coming new year. To continue on my somewhat common trend, it’s HUGE! but I’ve only a limited amount of yarn (20 skein) and that is as far as this project will go. It’s meant to just cover the feet of our bed, or perhaps act as a sofa blanket, but one never knows where it will end up.

I have also decided to take the train into Barcelona for the weekly meetings of BarcelonaKnits. It’s a group of knitters who get together every Monday evening to knit, share, and just have plain old fun. I’ve only attended a couple of meetings, but I’m hoping to make as many as I can.

Second on my Knitting list: I’ve signed-up for a class on how to knit socks! Browsing Persones Llanes‘ website, I came across their listing for a Master’s Sock Knitting class and I purposely drove down to Barcelona two weeks ago on a Saturday just to sign up. I can’t wait!! The class is this coming Saturday and I am looking forward to it!

And last, but not least, to continue on the Crafting path, tomorrow I’ll be visiting Creativa.
I’ll be there all day Friday and will probably repeat Saturday morning.

Busy weekend!!

‘Till next time!




2 responses

22 11 2007

bueno, ya veo que sigues con tu pequeña fobia sobre el patch, ya irá pasando, la colcha va divina, la proxima foto tiene que ser la de los calcetines. besos

10 12 2007

Ánimos con la manta que cada semana tiene más forma!

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